I’m still really upset and angry. He did it once, the camera happened to be on him, he did it once and I think it’s the funniest joke that’s ever been on our show. - Michael Schur (x)

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f.r.i.e.n.d.s | text posts

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Happy 29th Birthday Anna Kendrick! (August 9th, 1985)

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I wanted to draw Gamora UvU


I wanted to draw Gamora UvU

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has someone done this already or

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August 6, 1911 - April 26, 1989 
Joy requires no translation. God wanted the world to laugh - and He invented you, Lucy. Many are called, but you were chosen. You are an original. You are the best at what you do.
- Sammy Davis Jr.

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Dulé Hill takes the #IceBucketChallenge
         ”I nominate Jaleel White, Lamorne Morris, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, James Roday, Andrew Porteous, and Georgia Maher. That’s right - I’m talking to you @TexasArtChic! I’m doing this for the late Andrene Dipronio, always love to the Gabay family!”

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Destination Moon: The 350-Year History of Lunar Exploration
Infographic by Karl Tate
July 16, 2014  ||  Space.com

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oh hai


oh hai


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